Disability Information Risley Hall RA Juliana Batista ’16 at an accessible entrance to Rockefeller Hall.

Cornell Union for Disabilities Awareness (CUDA) simulation highlights campus access issues

Information for Faculty and Staff

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Use our online accessibility map to find accessible routes, entrances and parking at Cornell.

Mary Opperman

The best staff and faculty in the world choose Cornell University. Diversity has been our defining focus for nearly 150 years. We are committed to an inclusive environment for all faculty and staff, including individuals with disabilities.

We encourage those who need a disability accommodation to apply for a position at Cornell through our Recruitment and Employment Center to contact Laurel Parker at equalopportunity@cornell.edu. Current faculty or staff members who need a disability accommodation to perform the responsibilities of their position should contact our Medical Leaves Administration office. Comments about our employment policies and practices for individuals with disabilities should be directed to our disability access coordinator team at accessibility@cornell.edu or 607-255-4652.

Mary Opperman
Vice President of Human Resources and Safety Services

Resources for individuals in need of accommodation

Advice on providing accommodation